• HSC Staff Pick of the Month

    Meet Our Staff Pick of the Month –  Scooter!

    Scooter is a bit of a shy girl but once she warms up she would make a loyal companion for sure. She is a bit leery of new folks and new situations and she like to take things slow. She is very laid back and would enjoy living in a home that is nice, relaxing, and quiet! She would probably do best in a family that reflects her personality traits and respects her need for zen and peace. Scooter has that mature and calm demeanor that is sure to find her a wonderful home with someone just like her! If Scooter sounds like your perfect match, meet with her today!  Learn more about her here.
    Remember…we have two locations for you to find your new furry family member!  Visit the HSC 2700 Toomey Avenue Shelter – open 11am to 5pm daily, and also the HSC Petco Adoption  Center-Huntersville – open 11am to 7pm!  To see all of our available animals, visit humanecharlotte.org.