• Success stories

    Enjoy these wonderful adoption stories from our HSC alumni.   Share with those you know and it will surely make many understand just how great adopting a homeless animal is.



    The decision to foster and rehab a puppy mill rescue was more about giving back, 
    at first. It wasn’t long before he warmed all our hearts. You could see the potential he

    had to love and to be loved in his big blue eyes! It was a slow process of letting him get okay with us, his new family. Our two female Shih-Tzus were his favorites for a long time because that was all he knew. Eventually we won him over and today he has the most loving and care free spirit! I always heard that these guys actually rescue you…now I know why!  


    Godiva “Diva”

    This adorable pup was rescued from a puppy mill this past summer where she was living outside with a group of other dogs.  When she was removed from her kennel, it was discovered that she couldn’t even walk!  Godiva received emergency spinal surgery, made possible by our Have a Heart Medical Fund, but unfortunately, the damage was too chronic and severe to repair.  That being said, she is as happy as can be rolling around in her special cart at her new home.   

    Adopted March 2013


    Lika’s story is heartwarming to say the least.  She was diagnosed, during an ultrasound made possible by our Have a Heart Medical Fund, with a heart problem that caused her to pass out when over excited.  Amazingly enough, her new mom has the same condition.  Here is a recent update on Like from her:  ” I wanted to send you a picture of my sweet Lika wearing/eating RED for the American Heart Association’s National Wear Red Day today!  As heart patients (and women), today is a very important day (and February a very important month) for the two of us.  We’re always excited at the opportunity to go out and spread awareness about this very important cause.  Hope you are all doing well!  Lika is doing amazing and makes my life as wonderful as it is every day.  She is in so many ways MY heart!

    Adopted June 2012




    Sweet Carmela was on of our “Green Team” members – which is a special group of dogs that have been here with us at HSC for an extended amount of time for no apparent reason.   Carmela was sweet and loving but just seemed to be overlooked due to a terrible skin condition that she came into the shelter with.

    HSC treated her for her illness, took her on several tv shows so we could spotlight her loving personality and one special day, a woman and her young daughter came to visit.  They fell in love with her and she is now in a loving home getting the attention and care that she deserves.  

    Adopted August 2012



    Ruby was one of the many dogs that came to our shelter and tested heartworm positive.   She also captured the hearts of one of our HSC team members, Donna, who would bring her into her office for a break from the kennels.   It only took a few days for the realization that Ruby’s last name was going to be Ragan.  She was adopted by the family in January and began her heartworm treatment shortly thereafter.  

    We are thrilled to share that she has completed her treatment and is doing great and loving life, and her siblings in her new home.  Donna sends special thanks to Dr. Judi Vogt and the Have a Heart Medical Fund for treating Ruby.

    Adopted January 2013



    We adopted Ernie (formerly Ridgely) from the HSC and it turned out he had parvo.  I will be eternally grateful for the help you provided with his medical bills, and wanted to give you a quick update on Ernie and our other dog TJ, also from the HSC.  Ernie has recovered extremely well from his bout with parvo, and the dog that the emergency vet told us would probably be “frail and weak” his entire life is now getting close to 70lbs!  Also, he has forever changed my outlook on pit bulls and pit mixes.  We’re pretty sure he’s a boxer/pit mix, but mostly pit, and he is the BEST.  

    Here is a photo from his dog birthday party — TJ turned three years old and Ernie turned one a couple weeks ago.  TJ is the best running buddy anyone could ask for, and Ernie is a huge snuggle monster.  They are BFFs and have been the perfect additions to our family.

    Adopted August 2012

    photo 2


    I adopted Strudel (now Pepper) on April 15 and I wanted to send you an update on how he is doing!  Pepper is the greatest puppy and we couldn’t imagine our household without him! He and our other dog, Rigby, are best friends and have been inseparable since we got Pepper home. They are always playing, which makes it so hard to get a decent picture of the two!    We absolutely love Pepper and can’t thank you enough for helping our little guy find us. Thanks so much for all of your Facebook updates and keeping your website so up-to-date. If it weren’t for these things, we may have never found him!  

    Adopted April 2012



    Since he’s adoption back in February, he has adjusted amazingly!  Kobe’s a GREAT walker! – we go 3 times a day…and consequently, has provided ME an opportunity to lose 7 pounds! Yeah!! He’s bonded very well with both Anthony and I 🙂   In fact, he’s lying right beside me as I’m typing this!  He’s an extremely affectionate dog…which WE LOVE!  He also has the “German Shepherd” side of his personality as well…a GREAT protector!  We wanted to send along some pictures of Kobe for you to post with the Humane Society’s website…we have a deck off the back of our house and Kobe LOVES to be out there as you can see!!

     Our many thanks again to you and the many people within the Humane Society who truly care about these animals!  We will ALWAYS support you!

    Adopted February 2012

    Major and Ella

     Major & Ella

    I wanted to send everyone an update on Ella & Major.  It has almost been a year since we got Major.  They are both doing so well.  They love to play and run and chase eachother in the back yard.  They love tennis balls.  I think I am getting tennis elbow from all the ball throwing. They cuddle all the time.  They love to sleep between us.  Thank goodness we have a King size bed.  Major found his bark finally.  Ella has the funniest voice.  She sounds like Taz, the Tasmanian Devil.  

    I can never thank all of you enough for helping us find the right dogs.  They are so much a part of our family and I can’t remember what life was like before they were here


    Angus & Ripley

    They are having fun in the grass when I shot these pics and have done really well with the kids since we picked them up yesterday.  The crashed out pics are from today after we wrapped up their first walk.  I’m glad yall had them when we came in the other day, they are a couple of really well behaved pups and are fitting in with our family as if they have always been here.

    Adopted April 2012


    Linus the Wonder Beagle

    Don’t fuss at us… but he sleeps in the bed with us. He’s eating highfalutin organic dog food and drinking filtered water, and loves taking showers with his special shampoo that makes his fur feel like SILK! OMG don’t get me started on his showers and the Victory Laps he does around the house after he has gotten ready for the Westminster Dog Show. I had to get a Gentle Leader harness to walk him, which has made all the difference in the world on the leash. He has a basket full of toys which are usually all over the house, and three blankets that belong to him and one that stays in the car. He has a little winter coat that I think he appreciates when it’s cold outside.

     We’ve taken him on a few short trips which he seems to enjoy, and everyone who meets him just falls in love with him. He is SO great with other dogs and children. He has got to be one of the most loving and sweet natured dogs I have ever met in my life. I can not imagine being without him.

    Thank you so very much for your part in bringing Linus into our lives.

    Adopted February 2012



    Doris was a pup that was rescued from a hoarding situation and the sweet dog had to fight for her food every day.   Her sweet face showed those scars, but we knew she would flourish in a new loving home – which she has.

    Doris enjoying her first Christmas in her forever home. She is doing great! She has bonded with mom and dad and is now officially spoiled rotten. We feel so lucky to have this wonderful, happy, little dog in our lives

    Adopted in December 2012