• Behavior Assistance for Pet Owners

    Having a pet can be a challenge for new pet owners as well as seasoned owners. We have resources that may be able to alleviate those challenges.

    • The ASPCA has a Virtual Behaviorist website. You can access pet-behavior advice at anytime via your computer. Their nationally recognized animal behaviorists offer possible solutions for many issues at no charge and all information can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • The Humane Society of Charlotte’s SuperDog Club offers a five week training class to dogs that qualify for the iCare Program for $50. We firmly believe that dogs can learn without the use of force, fear, pain or intimidation. We teach SuperDog - Chads 5-29-12 our human students a proactive approach to behavior modification. We use techniques that encourage a dog to choose the appropriate behavior for the situation at hand. For more information about the SuperDog Club, please click here.
      • Please contact our Intake Coordinator for information about qualifying for the iCare Program at 704-377-0534 ext 226 or intakes@humanecharlotte.org.


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