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    Stephanie LeeDr. Stephanie Lee
    HSC Spay/Neuter Medical Director
    Dr. Lee has loved animals as long as she an remember and recalls the day, during a veterinarian’s speech on career day at her elementary school, when she knew exactly what she was going to be and she never wavered!  She attended North Carolina State University undergraduate school (1990-1993) and College of Veterinary Medicine (1993-1997).  Dr. Lee worked in general practice for 10 years before moving into shelter medicine and spay/neuter.  She has worked at several different practices in Charlotte, North Carolina, Wilmington, NC and Knoxville, Tennessee which have allowed her to see a wide range of practice philosophies and clientele.  Her decision to become a spay/neuter veterinarian came due to the high population of animals that were losing their lives simply because they didn’t have a home.  Her position at HSC Spay/Neuter Clinic focuses on high-quality, high volume spay/neuter medicine in the hopes of decreasing pet overpopulation and euthanasia due to homelessness.

    In addition to spay/neuter surgeries, Dr. Lee’s team has their weekly Critter Care Wellness Clinic, which was developed to provide basic care (vaccines, disease prevention and spay/neuter) and education to those in our population who are most at risk.