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    Hi I’m Heidi!  I’m a BEAUTIFUL 4 year old female hound mix.  I weigh around 55 pounds, have SUPER soft fur and want to be petted… often! I’ve lived in a home with another dog & cats without issues. In fact my best friend in the house is the youngest cat that grew up with me.  I LOVE to walk – I walk well on a leash & I do well off leash on trails.   I have TONS of energy! I’ll need a yard with a privacy fence as I’ve been known to climb a 4 foot link  fence! I don’t wander far – mostly I’ll just go to greet the neighbors or guard the driveway. My ideal home should probably not have “little people” under the age of 8 as I  can be spooked. I’m  housebroken. Happily sleep in my crate during the day but will go bonkers greeting you when you get home! I’m  also VERY affectionate! My ideal person would be active and outdoorsy & have patience, & not be too upset with me if I want to lay beside (or ON) you on the sofa or bed.  I have the food drive of a beagle so to keep me fit, you’ll want to keep food out of my reach.  The instinct is strong! My family’s decision to find me a new family does not come easy for them as I’ve been with them since I was 4 months old.  But living conditions are changing for them & they will no longer have a yard for me to play in, nor the time I need for play & exercise.  I am spayed & up to date on vaccinations.  Could you be my forever family/person?  If so contact Erika at 980-263-4309 or erikabfl@yahoo.com.  (Note from owner: Heidi is very special and deserves a loving home and family. I will want to visit your home and may request a reference or two if I consider you.)



    My name is Thacher and I am a 3 year old rescued short hair lab/boxer mix! I love to run, go for walks, play with 8 Yr. & older kids for hours on end, sit on your lap and am looking for a loving home that provides me some room to run. My current home does not have the space/yard to get the exercise I need. My current family loves me and feels badly with a new baby at home that I’m not getting the attention, exercise and love they know I deserve. I am potty trained, great indoors when my parents aren’t home, current on all shots/vaccinations, and have available vet records. If you would like to meet me please contact Ben at 810-599-2647 or at palmer.ben20@gmail.com


    Meet Stella! She is a sweet and playful 1.5 year old. Stella’s life took a turn for the worse in the fall when her big sister decided to start picking fights with her. After Stella had been targeted multiple times, her family has decided it is unsafe for her to remain in their home. Because of the fights, Stella has lost a lot of trust in other dogs and has had professionals tell her it would be best to keep her in a single dog home for now. Stella is a little cautious with new people but is quick to make friends and end up on a lap asking for belly rubs. She is spayed, up to date on rabies, chipped, crate trained, and house trained. Stella plays great with her owners 6 year old and is even gentle and kind to their newborn. Stella needs more practice on a leash but loves to be outside in her backyard to prance around in the sun. She is a wonderful cuddler and a great companion. She will be missed more than she will ever know and hopes to have a loving home to make this transition as easy as possible! Again, Stella will do best in a single dog home and would love to have a yard to run around in! If you’re interested in our Stella, you can email us at kiki81591@comcast.net or shoot us a text for more information at 803-320-0404


    Bailey just wants LOVE and lots of company and a place to RUN.  She’s a four year old mix and weighs about forty-five pounds.  She is heartworm negative, healthy, and her shots are up to date.  She is very gentle and loving with people and has a soft mouth. She has been through quite a bit.  She’s been passed around from home to home which can cause a lot of stress on any pet who is looking for stability. She is a loving girl who needs her forever home with a family who can give her stability and the training and attention she needs and wants.  She is currently with her former foster family and gets along well with three of their four dogs; however, their fourth dog (twice her size) and Bailey still do not get along.  She remembered her foster family when she was returned and was quite happy to see them.  At their home, she likes to roam free in the house and really loves to run outside in a large yard.  She also plays ball.  She is house trained and will sit politely next to the door to go out and knocks at the door to come back in.  She sleeps next to the bed or in the room next door (to keep her separated from the fourth dog).  She really doesn’t like being crated.  Did we mention that she loves to run?  She also loves car rides and has been on a twenty-three hour road trip with two small dogs. Bailey’s dream home would be with someone who is at home most of the time.  She needs room to run.  After running, she likes to take a nap or watch TV.  She likes treats.  She also likes oversize tennis balls for playing ball and for chewing.  Bailey is available directly from her current owners.  If you would like to meet Bailey, please contact them at 916-813-7173.

    Hello my name is Finley! I am looking for a new family who has time for a high energy dog. My current family loves me SO BIG but, with two small kids at home, I get quite bored during the day.  They try hard to give me attention but some days I don’t get the love I need.   Despite my age (I’ll be 9 in July), I love walks, chasing the ball, and get very excited when you walk in the door. I’m very loyal and will warn you of anyone outside especially the UPS truck driver. I love meat and cheese but stick my nose up to almost all human food so I don’t make a good vacuum cleaner. I can be territorial with my food bowl, so if you have other dogs or children I need space while I am eating, otherwise I am good with others. I listen very well, don’t sleep on the furniture, enjoy lying at people’s feet, and give the best slobbery kisses.  I come with a crate, a leash, my favorite tennis ball, a 50 pound bag of dog food, furminator brush, and all typical doggy supplies. I am house trained, neutered, current on vaccinations, and shed a lot (be careful when you wear black). I’m about 65 pounds and likely a lab/husky mix.  There is no adoption fee, if interested please contact Kasi at 704-284-7266


    Hi I’m Charlie! I am a 4 month old, 20 pound, Boxer/American Staffordshire Terrier mix.  I’m an energetic, loving, curious puppy who loves to explore. I am extremely intelligent, and well socialized with people. My ideal environment would be one that would be willing to invest time into training me and challenging my intellect to learn. I respond quickly and positively to training, and I am very energetic. I love to play; my favorite activities include burrowing and jumping into bushes, as well as fetching sticks and toys. I also thoroughly enjoy long walks or jogs because I do well on the leash. I am also an amazing cuddle buddy, because I love to snuggle up, fall asleep on you and give kisses. Although I am not fully housebroken, I have already learned commands such as sitting, and waiting for my food. I would probably do best as the only dog in the house, I can be selective when meeting new doggies.  I am also spayed, microchipped, and up to date on all vaccines and wellness visits. If you are interested in adopting me, contact (704) 453-1634, (704) 728-7828, or tmeletiou@mi-connection.com.

    Hi, my name is Betty.  My mom was a Golden Retriever, who had me and my 8 siblings the day after she was found and rescued.  Some of my litter mates were blonde, some black, some short hair, some long hair, some blue eyed, some brown eyed. I was the smallest, but prettiest, with black with blue eyes and long thick coat of a Golden. I have the temperament of a Golden most of the time.  I was adopted at 5 weeks old to a nice family with two active kids.

    The man of the house works 60 hours per week, I get so excited when he gets home.  The lady of the house is about to take a full-time job, so I am going to miss her hanging out during the day some. I love the kids, but as they grow up they are very active and our house is chaotic when we are all home. My family is gone a lot evening and weekends at ball games, and this is starting to stress me out.  I get a little snippy when the 12-year-old boy and his crazy friends are in the house running and yelling.  I just want to play with them, but they leave me out.

    My family had a nice lady come in to help us.  The behaviorist recommended a calm environment for me, but we just can’t seem to achieve this in OUR house.  They kids are active, have friends in and out, and we are gone all days and most evening/weekends.  The big people try, but the little ones just do not seem to understand. I would do well in a quiet home, where I can get exercise regularly. I love when I go to the dog sitter with lots of other dogs to play with.  But she had to move, so now I am going to have to go in a kennel for boarding.  I am house trained, can spend 8 hours or so in the house without distress.  I do not chew or make messes. I also like to be in the kennel in the garage.  At night, I usually sleep on the bedroom floor of the big people.    I am leashed trained and like walks.  I prefer to stay indoors, but love to run and play outside.

    I am healthy, spayed, but little over weight.  I am loving and make a great foot warmer on the couch.  I am up to date on shots and passed the heartworm test. I am 3 ½ years old, am the size of a small lab, and weigh about 65 pounds (OK, I could lose a little weight.)  I get a little fussy if kids go near my food when I am eating.  I sometimes counter surf or steal the kids’ toys and snacks left out (they really should pick up their stuff, I just can’t help myself). I like to have my long hair brushed, but I really do not shed too much. It breaks my family’s heart, but know I would do better in a home without the daily chaos of kids.  If you want to talk to my family about taking me home to YOUR house please contact Kristin Gerrety at 330-283-2181 or ckptgerrety@msn.com


    Hi!  I’m Lucy.  I am a 3yr old Border Collie mix in search of a new forever home.  I weigh around 50 lbs and am really sweet and loving towards kids and other animals.  My best friend is a cat named Sonic.  I am spayed and up to date on all of my shots.  I am full of energy and love being around people.  Unfortunately, my current family is highly allergic to me and that has made me an outdoor dog for the last 3 years.  I have since developed an allergy to fleas.  My mom has me on prescription medication to help with that and she sprays my yard/deck constantly, but it doesn’t help. The fleas have bitten me to the point where I am pulling out my fur.  My ideal home would be where I sleep/live indoors.  Please call 704-906-8499 or email alexbellamom@hotmail.comif you are interested in meeting me!  


    Hi my name is Petey, I am a 12 month old American Pit Bull Terrier Mix. I had a pretty rough start to my life–I  was  recently abandoned at a Eastway Park Elementary school in late May and had to be taken to Animal Control, which a nice group of neighbors decided to Foster/Adopt me out of Animal Control so I could be on the road to better health (I was very Mal-nourished) and help me find my forever home.  I am now doing very well, gaining weight enjoying lots of playtime at my Foster Mom’s house and starting to learn basic commands.  I get along fairly well with other dogs, but I can be shy.  I would be a great pet for an active person or family, I get along well with children ages 5 and up.  I do have a bit of a fear of new males I come in contact with, but once I get to know you, I am just fine.  I am a puppy so I do have energy and enjoy walks, outdoor playtime (I need to have a fenced yard please).  Because I am still a puppy, I do like to chew sometimes, so just give me a bone to chew on when I need it and I enjoy all my toys too.  I am very affectionate and eager to please, so if you have some training time to put in as well as take me on walks daily, I am the perfect pet for you! Petey comes with: his own bed, all his chew toys he loves. Medical updates: Petey has been fixed, he is up to date on all shots and he is currently on: Heartguard and Advantix. To visit Petey or find out more information contact Foster Mom: Alicia LaLone at -704.756.5242 or –alicialalone@gmail.com

    Hello! My name is Jaxson, Jax for short. I was adopted from Animal Control in December of 2015. I lived a great life with my dad who was in the military but about 7 months after I moved in, he got a new job that required too many hours and he gave me to my Aunt Nina. Aunt Nina treated me so well but my dog cousin Daisy did not like sharing with me. In January of 2017, I was adopted to a very nice family but my new sister was also not cool sharing her space and so now, I am back with my Aunt Nina. Aunt Nina loves me so much but has to keep me separated from my cousin for my own safety and she recently told me she is moving to this big place called Chicago and could not take me with her.

    My aunt Nina had this really awesome woman named Joanne come work with me to address some issues I was having in my prior home. Ms. Joanne says I am a very smart boy who learns quickly using positive reinforcement. I took really well to the clicker training she showed me and am learning to not react to people or dogs while out for walks. Ms. Joanne did suggest since I can become mouthy or snippy when stressed out I would best flourish in a home where I was the only dog and without children. Do not worry! Overall, I am an excellent companion who loves to follow my humans around, go for long walks, play with my toys and sleep! I love my crate!  It is my safe place. I will gladly go in and patiently wait for you to feed me or give me a treat. While Aunt Nina is working, I sleep peacefully in my crate. She always leaves my Kong or a yummy bully stick for me so I do not get bored. Did I mention I am house broken???!!!

    I do best in stress free environments and would love a big fenced in yard to exercise daily. I enjoy going for runs with my human, going to the beach, laying on human feet and my Kong toys. I need a home with a dog savvy owner who will only use force-free, positive reinforcement training. I am a beefy boy weighing in at close to 70lbs, up to date on all vaccines, microchipped, neutered, and ready to be loved by you! Please contact my Aunt Nina at 940.337.2577 or Burcn002@yahoo.com.