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    m&C1m&c2Hi, we are Celie and Mister and we’re named after the Movie “The Color Purple”.  I’m Mister the male and am 10 years old and the bigger version Jack Russell with longer and curlier hair. Celie is the quieter, smaller, short haired, older one and is female and 13 years old. I weigh in at 20lbs. and Celie is 8+lbs. We both are current on our shots and have been fixed. We love to be outdoors but also love to be with people and can be very good lap dogs if given the chance. We both are healthy but have lost some of our teeth over time, as that happens with many older dogs, expecially, Jacks. We love to play and have been together since pups with our owner and truly love each other. We both are crate trained and trained to an invisible fence and sleep together in our dog house which we could bring with us, along with the fence and crate. We have no negative issues and would love the opportunity to give you our love. Wish we had better pictures but we are a very camera shy.   Please if you can help us call Joseph Smith704 309-2030 or email psmith2030@yahoo.com





    If you’re looking for a dog to keep up with your active, outdoor lifestyle, meet Mugsy! This little dude is 4 years old and weighs in at about 35 pounds. He loves going for runs and hiking trails with his human companions.  He is house-trained and knows basic commands like “sit” and “stay”, but would love to learn more. The concept of “fetch” is a little beyond his reach, but he enjoys chew toys and treat puzzles.  Don’t let his active side fool you, he’s never seen a lap he didn’t want to sit in. Mugsy dreams of being the only pet in the house and parties best with the grownups.  If you are interested in giving Mugsy his furr-ever home, please send an email to akordula08@elmira.edu or call/text 607-237-3559




    Hi I’m Heidi!  I’m a BEAUTIFUL 4 year old female hound mix.  I weigh around 55 pounds, have SUPER soft fur and want to be petted… often! I’ve lived in a home with another dog & cats without issues. In fact my best friend in the house is the youngest cat that grew up with me.  I LOVE to walk – I walk well on a leash & I do well off leash on trails.   I have TONS of energy! I’ll need a yard with a privacy fence as I’ve been known to climb a 4 foot link  fence! I don’t wander far – mostly I’ll just go to greet the neighbors or guard the driveway. My ideal home should probably not have “little people” under the age of 8 as I  can be spooked. I’m  housebroken. Happily sleep in my crate during the day but will go bonkers greeting you when you get home! I’m  also VERY affectionate! My ideal person would be active and outdoorsy & have patience, & not be too upset with me if I want to lay beside (or ON) you on the sofa or bed.  I have the food drive of a beagle so to keep me fit, you’ll want to keep food out of my reach.  The instinct is strong! My family’s decision to find me a new family does not come easy for them as I’ve been with them since I was 4 months old.  But living conditions are changing for them & they will no longer have a yard for me to play in, nor the time I need for play & exercise.  I am spayed & up to date on vaccinations.  Could you be my forever family/person?  If so contact Erika at 980-263-4309 or erikabfl@yahoo.com.  (Note from owner: Heidi is very special and deserves a loving home and family. I will want to visit your home and may request a reference or two if I consider you.)


    “Hi! My name is Shadow! I didn’t have a home until I was found very hungry on January 18, 2017 at Davis dog park in Charlotte. I’m a little over a year old, I appear to be a Dutch Shepherd, I weigh about 50lbs. My mama likes to say, “I’m too smart for my own good,” but I don’t know what she means. I love toys, and I’m really good at chewing them. I’m very athletic and I love my sister Boxer dog. She’s the alpha and we play a lot. Don’t worry, I’m wayyy smarter than her. New people and kids are scary. I don’t like new places, but I always know my crate is a cozy, safe place from any danger. I’m looking for a new home because it is scary and exhausting to live with three children. I love my mama best and will do anything she wants. I especially like snuggle time.  If you are interested in giving me my furr-ever home, contact Liz at 608-490-0440 or wussow13@gmail.com

    Sheba is a very happy pretty lab pitty mix, about 2-3 years old, medium size, 45lbs, has a mostly black brindle, low shed coat. She is spayed and up to date on vaccinations. Sheba had rough years before she was rescued recently from euthanasia at a high kill shelter. She is still shy and getting used to the life she deserves. She is learning to trust and starting to express her true character which is a great and comical one. It’s been wonderful to see her improve steadily. She loves and needs regular walks and a healthy routine. She shows her excitement before her walks and jumps around. Her leash manners are very good; she won’t bark at other dogs but will pull some trying to meet them. She now taps the car when she walks, reminding you that she’d like to go somewhere fun, especially to a patio where she gets to chill and attract lots of attention. Typical for her breed, she is very affectionate, and bonds amazingly well. Sheba in time will learn to be friendlier with other dogs, maybe only some dogs. She is still fearful of them and may be better off adopted as an only dog for now. She is sweet with people and kids when they approach her calmly and is curious to meet everybody. If she’s off leash in the yard she runs and jumps in circles but will come running to jump up and give away free doggie kisses! She is looking for a doting pet parent who will make her a priority. She still needs some basic training which will boost her trust and confidence. That will be an easy task because she is smart and responding well to love and her new found happiness. Sheba is on her way to be house broken. She has never experienced living inside a home. She is very calm and well behaved; she simply is great company! Sheba is fine in her crate. She doesn’t mind some alone time: she sometimes entertains herself and ‘sings a song’, entertaining funny sounding low volume howls! Please call or text Renee if you are interested in meeting Sheba, 704-737-7337.

    My name is Chewie! I was really shy when my mom first got me, but since then I have blossomed into a joyful 15lb chihuahua terrier mix. A few things about myself: My favorite place to be is laying on your chest while giving kisses. I love plastic bottles, socks, and anything that squeaks, my favorite bones are goofballs, and I love raw carrots. I rarely bark and I’m good with cats, dogs, and kids. My second favorite place is the dog park, I love meeting new dogs and playing chase. In the car I like to ride passenger while resting my head in the nook of your elbow. In bed I like to go underneath the blankets and sleep at the foot of your bed. I can be walked off leash after becoming familiar with the surroundings, and if I stray too far all you have to do is ask me if I want a biscuit. If I seem like the pet for you, contact my mom at: gabbymoody95@gmail.com 



    My name is Thacher and I am a 3 year old rescued short hair lab/boxer mix! I love to run, go for walks, play with 8 Yr. & older kids for hours on end, sit on your lap and am looking for a loving home that provides me some room to run. My current home does not have the space/yard to get the exercise I need. My current family loves me and feels badly with a new baby at home that I’m not getting the attention, exercise and love they know I deserve. I am potty trained, great indoors when my parents aren’t home, current on all shots/vaccinations, and have available vet records. If you would like to meet me please contact Ben at 810-599-2647 or at palmer.ben20@gmail.com


    Meet Stella! She is a sweet and playful 1.5 year old. Stella’s life took a turn for the worse in the fall when her big sister decided to start picking fights with her. After Stella had been targeted multiple times, her family has decided it is unsafe for her to remain in their home. Because of the fights, Stella has lost a lot of trust in other dogs and has had professionals tell her it would be best to keep her in a single dog home for now. Stella is a little cautious with new people but is quick to make friends and end up on a lap asking for belly rubs. She is spayed, up to date on rabies, chipped, crate trained, and house trained. Stella plays great with her owners 6 year old and is even gentle and kind to their newborn. Stella needs more practice on a leash but loves to be outside in her backyard to prance around in the sun. She is a wonderful cuddler and a great companion. She will be missed more than she will ever know and hopes to have a loving home to make this transition as easy as possible! Again, Stella will do best in a single dog home and would love to have a yard to run around in! If you’re interested in our Stella, you can email us at kiki81591@comcast.net or shoot us a text for more information at 803-320-0404

    My name is Milly. I am a 9 pound mix of a Maltese and Yorkie and the sweetest most loyal dog you will ever meet. When you shower or go to the bathroom I will sit outside the door and wait for you! I am very smart, I know how to sit, stay, lay down and wait to eat. If I get hungry and you forget to feed me I will tap the bowl and let you know! I love to play and run a much as possible! I love to be held and cuddle. I am very well behaved and pad trained and I NEVER MISS lol! If you walk me 3 times a day I will go to the bathroom outside usually. My only thing is that I am not the best with little kids. I am a people dog for sure and love teenagers and adults. If you would like to meet me or know information, please write me at marcevan2323@gmail.com