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Our Prices


Clinic Pricing:

  • Dog Spay (Female): $85
  • Dog Neuter (Male): $65
  • Cat Spay (Female): $50
  • Cat Neuter (Male): $35
  • Umbilical Hernias: add $15

*We highly recommend our After Care Package for all animals having surgery.  The package includes 3 days of take-home pain medication and an Elizabethan collar.  Pricing for the After Care Package is $15 for cats and $20 for dogs.
Pets 7 years of age and older require additional bloodwork at a rate of $55 to ensure the safety and health of your pet during surgery.

Financial assistance may be available, please inquire if needed.

Click here for additional services that are offered to clients on the day of a scheduled surgery

*Prices subject to change.

Schedule An Appointment at Toomey Avenue

Do you have community cats and would like to take part in our Trap-Neuter-Return? Reach out to us for more information!


Don’t miss this great opportunity to take care of your furry family member’s annual vaccines at our CRITTER CARE WELLNESS WEDNESDAY low-cost clinic each week.

Spring/Summer Hours Starting June 1st:  8am to 1pm every Wednesday.

Fall/Winter Hours Starting in September:  9am to 2pm every Wednesday.

For questions about our clinic, contact our Spay/Neuter Clinic at 704.333.4130.