• Group Opportunities

    Since the Humane Society of Charlotte has limited staffing, it can be, at times, difficult for us to handle large groups of volunteers under our direct supervision.  Your help can most effectively be used if your group is able to be self-directed.   Here are a few examples of fundraisers that you can do that would be a big help:

    • A Sale:  Ask 2-5 friends to help with a bake sale, book sale, or garage sale. You and your friends bake the goodies, or get the books or the other stuff required for the sale, staff it, and help clean up afterwards. This is an excellent way to get people involved in fundraising without ever actually asking them for money.
    • Have a Party:  Have a fancy dinner or fun party.  Charge people $20 to get in.
    • Spaghetti Dinner or SPAY-ghetti Dinner (get it?):  Host a spaghetti dinner at a church or union hall or other big room with a large kitchen.
    • Change for Change: Ask all your friends, family, and classmates to save all their change for 3-5 months.  Then cash it in and donate the money.
    • Host a movie night:  Invite friends, family, neighbors, sororities, and classmates to watch your favorite animal movie (Babe, Lady and the Tramp, Finding Nemo, or Because of Winn Dixie). Make animal-friendly snacks to enjoy with the show (Animal Crackers, Goldfish). Ask attendees to bring an “admission fee” of donations or supplies from the our Wishlist.
    • Trick or Treat for Wishlist Items:  Send out a flyer to everyone in your neighborhood that you will be “trick-or-treating” for the Humane Society of Charlotte and what day you will be around to pick up their donations, don’t forget to list suggested items to donate. (This doesn’t have to be in October, you can come up with another creative name)

    The above items are just some examples of things you can do.  Feel free to come up with your own unique way to raise funds.  Remember, this is your fundraiser.  You will be responsible for the organization, production and cleanup.  Make sure you have enough people to accomplish what you plan to do.Feel free to look over a our website for ways we are raising money and maybe your group could help promote something.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help getting started, please click here.