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iCare Rehoming Board: Kittens & Cats

Hi!  I’m Spectre and I’m a very sweet cat, about 7 years old and despite growing up, I have never lost my cute little kitten meow.  I might be shy at first, but I love to be pet, getting cozy under the covers, and finding a nice sunny spot near the window for a cat nap.  I am very much a lady and am always impeccably postured with my tail wrapped neatly around me.  I don’t go outside but find time for adventures and play at night.  I have lived with a dog most of my life and am always running away from her, so I would prefer a home where a dog isn’t constantly bothering me.  If you are interested in adopting me, please contact Paul at or at 704-808-0409.


Hi, I’m Rex! I’m a short haired orange tabby cat. I’m almost 5 years old and I weigh 11 pounds. I’m neutered, up to date on all my shots and declawed. I’m extremely friendly, social and love to play. I enjoy napping in the warm sunshine and chasing the laser pointer around. I like to play and be pet on my own terms, but I love to snuggle up next to you when you’re sleeping or watching TV! I grew up in a quiet indoor only home, so I prefer a home without kids and other pets (I would probably get along fine with an older dog that doesn’t pay attention to me, though!). My mom is moving and I am looking for a new home that will provide me love, safety and lots of toy mice! If I sound like the right kitty for you, please call Betsy at 315-573-6791 or email


Hello, I’m Clover and I am very pleased to meet you. I am a very sweet and playful young girl (1 year old) who loves to be petted and played with – especially, if you drag something around on the floor for me to pounce on! My name is Clover because when I was first spotted, I was walking through a patch of flowering clover, but I should have been called Peeps. When I am happy, I walk around the house peeping at all those around me to let them know I am happy, I am here, and maybe a little hungry. I will always be a small girl, some might say petite, a little bigger than a kitten, well maybe not my belly if I keep peeping and getting treats. I am a spicy girl who likes to show my affection with tiny love bites and licks, but it may be because I am so young. I am not a fan of other cats at all, so I don’t think I would like dogs either. I have already been spayed and have had all my shots. I am great with my litter box and love my scratching post. I am ready for my forever home. If you want to meet me, email my foster mom at or call her at 704-860-5520. Hope to see you soon!



Hi!  My name is Melvin.  I am 9 years old, male, and about 12 lbs.  I am a sweet cat with a calm personality who loves to be petted.  I am friendly to all but do best around adults.  I am neutered, current on all vaccines and a recent clean bill of health from the vet.  I have only been an indoor cat.  If you are interested in me, please email Evan at


Hi! I’m Sammy a super playful, lovable, and cute kitten! My sister and I were rescued from a parking lot when we were babies, and our foster mom has been taking care of us for the last couple of months. Now, we’re old enough to be adopted and waiting for a family to fall in love with us! We’re willing to go to separate homes, but we are pretty good buddies and would love to go as a pair. We’re comfortable with other cats, too, because our foster mom has big kitties and other foster kittens that we love to play and snuggle with. We’re both fixed, vaccinated, ear-tipped, and overall healthy! I love to chase and hunt toy mice, and wrestle with the other kitties in the house. I’m pretty independent, but I’m beginning to really enjoy cuddles from humans. If you want to add a playful little cutie to your family, contact Kali at!


Hi there! I’m Maddiea silky soft, relaxed, snugglebug of a kitten! My foster mom rescued me and my brother when we were babies, and now we’re ready to find our forever home(s). We were originally rescued to be trap-neuter-return (TNR) babies, but our foster mom quickly realized that we were too sweet to be released back into the wild; she thinks we deserve a warm, loving home (and we agree!). We’re both fixed, vaccinated, ear-tipped, and overall healthy! We’re willing to go to separate homes, but we are pretty good buddies and would love to go as a pair. As for me specifically, I’m as sweet as they come! I immediately purr when touched, and I LOVE to snuggle up and fall asleep on a soft human belly or chest. I like people so much that my body goes limp when I’m held – I tend to melt into arms and collapse when I have the opportunity to cuddle. Humans think it’s the cutest thing! If you’re looking for a new snuggle buddy, email my foster mom at I’d love to make your lap my new favorite nap spot!


We are two well behaved and well loved cats looking for a home. Our Mom rescued us from a large feral colony that was in danger eight years ago. So while we are a bit shy, we are calm well behaved, loving cats well. We are both male, and were neutered at two months old, are fully vetted, and in good health. Our hobbies are hanging out together, sleeping, looking for treats and sleeping.

Mom says Cyrus is one of the rare solid white cats with bright blue eyes who is not deaf. He has long fur but resembles a siamese face more than a persian. If he was as high born as he thinks he is he would be a Turkish Angora. He had a few problem teeth which have been taken care of and haven’t caused any problems in more than a year. He loves to be brushed but does not play nail salon well. His best trait is that even though he has long gorgeous fur it never gets knotted. A pretty impressive and convenient trait!

Nehi is also eight and they have always been together. Nehi is a lovely orangesicle- a beautiful ginger tabby with white on his belly and legs. He has always been very healthy even with his cauliflower ears which thankfully have never given him any problems. You have never seen eyes the color of his-a clear topaz, tiger’s eye color that I’ve only seen in the colony they came from. Nehi is slightly shyer than Cyrus but he has come out of his shell beautifully in the past year.

We need a new home because our mom is moving to England very soon because of the Visa date. We thought about going but decided to stay here and the vet said that was a good idea since we enjoy the quiet life without dogs or kids or hullaballoos. Mom has had other cats before we came and fostered some cats and kittens and we loved having feline company. If you would love to add to your family but don’t relish starting from scratch with kittens or youngsters, please give us handsome boys a look. We have many years of love and belly rubs and head bonks left to give and I know you’ll love us. Contact Beth at



Hi I’m Carrot! I’m so gentle and sweet. I love lounging on the couch. Just sit beside me and I’ll pur up a storm. I’m the kind of kitty that will sleep at your feet all night. My fur is silky and soft. I’ve been told it feels just like bunny fur, so it’s a good thing I love pets. I’m kind of still a baby. I’m only about 7 months old, so it’s crazy that I’m already a mom. My kittens and brother already found their homes, so now it’s just me and my sister Hazel. I’m 7 pounds. I have been spayed and I am up to date on my rabies vaccine. You can email or call/text my foster mom: + 704-779-4380


I am Cap’n Jack.  I’m almost six years old and weigh about 14 pounds. I’m an indoor, declawed cat living with an obnoxious 8-pound miniature Dachshund who terrorizes me. One of the other dogs does not like male cats and growls at me sometimes. The other dog completely ignores me. I get along fine with the other cat. I love my parents but only snuggle with them in the bed at night for a few minutes when I think it’s safe. I spend most of my days in separate rooms of the house away from the monster dogs. I’m very sweet and really want to come out and play and, you know, do cat things. I do once in awhile when I know the dogs are outside. I love to chase things and scratch on my catnip-laden post. If you want to talk with my mom about me, you can email her at