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iCare Rehoming Board: Puppies & Dogs

Hello, my name is Capone. I live in Statesville, NC. I’m a 1 1/2 year old American Staffordshire Terrier and I have a beautiful smile. I’m looking for my BFF and my FOREVER home. I enjoy going for car rides as long as you stop and let me go pee. I love long walks just as long as we have cold water for me to drink. I love playing in the yard and romping around with my balls, smiley face squeakers and all my other toys. I enjoy eating frozen watermelon bars (as you can see from my pictures). Loud noises hurt my ears and scare me, like your lawn equipment, etc. I’m use to a quiet and calm environment. However, I do have a lot of energy as I’m still a puppy. I love having you to myself so I need my parents to be patient and loving with me. We could continue my training together. I also need to be your only dog with a fenced in yard. I’ve never been around children either. There are times when I like to just lay around and do nothing or lay in bed with you, my pillow and watch a movie. So if I sound like I’m the perfect match for you, please contact my MOMMY at:

How many licks does it take to get the center of a tootsie roll pop?  Depends on who’s doing the licking.  But I do know this: I’ll lick my way to the center of your heart in no time.  It’s my favorite way of showing everyone how much I love them.   Oh sorry, I’m Walter and I’m 7 ½ going on 30.

I have a bit of an old soul, kind of goes with the name.  I enjoy the daily walks and games of fetch, but some times prefer just to lie down by the couch and stretch out these old legs.  I can’t carry these 73 pounds as long as I used to.  I certainly enjoy my own personal space and will always respect yours, minus the licking.

I’m house and crate trained, and know how to walk proper on a leash, once all the initial excitement wears off.  I’ve got a big bark but it’s only meant to alert my family to potential danger.  Unfortunately, I have developed some anxiety over the years, but, honestly, who’s not scared of thunderstorms?

My interactions with other dogs have been hit-or-miss, but on a leash it’s best they keep their distance.  I did grow up with a small dog and a cat in the house, without incident, but my current fur brother is way too hyper for me and that’s causing my parents to split us up.

So if you’re looking for a laid-back, new best friend, I’d love to meet you. For more of my info,  please contact Scott @

Hi, hola, hello, hey! I’ve been told I have a big personality. I take it as a compliment. I’m a self-proclaimed goofball and will do whatever it takes to bring a smile to your face. I’ve been known to kiss away tears. I’m a people pleaser so all I want to do is make you happy. My name is Asher and I’m 4 1/2.

Even though I have a lot of energy I also love to settle in for a good cuddle. (And just so you know, I prefer to be the ‘little spoon’). I’m a lap dog trapped in 63-pound body. 63 solid pounds of love and affection. Sometimes I forget how big I am, but my motto is “if I fits, I sits”.

I’m house and crate trained, love going for walks and car rides (shot gun!). I aim to please and love learning new tricks. I know a lot already. Sit, stay, shake, lay down, sit up, jump, spin, hug and kiss. “gimme a kiss” being my favorite. I’m also good at destroying toys my mom brings home for me. My record is 8 seconds flat! Some think this is weird, but I also love shredding cardboard boxes.

I’d prefer a home with a yard, because I’m perfecting my fetch game. My goal is always to get the ball before it hits the ground. I also have fun sniffing around, looking for frogs and lizards. I’ll try to catch squirrels and birds too. SQUIRREL!

When I’m inside I’m content to curl up on the couch or lay in the sun and look out the window. If something seems suspicious I will bark to alert my family. It’s my job to make sure they’re safe. But if my family knows you, I’ll greet you with kisses. If I’m overly excited I might jump, but it’s only because I’m happy to see you! I love people.

I like to be the center of attention, so I will need to be your only pet.

If you’re looking for a fun-loving companion, we should meet! To learn more about me, please email Meghan at

Jax is a 2 year old Dachshund, Beagle, Chihuahua mix that loves attention, to play and to snuggle with his family.  He also loves to play with other dogs in the family.  He has a big appetite and can’t wait for breakfast and dinner and is always happy to enjoy a treat or a new toy.  Jax is a sweet dog that is very smart and interactive with everyone in our family but he also can be very nervous and have a hard time adjusting to change, especially when visitor come to the house.  We have a young family with lots of visitors and, unfortunately, Jax gets very nervous when new people enter or leave the house.  He also struggles to control his nerves when on walks and he sees other dogs.  Because we love Jax so much, we have tried to help him relieve him of his anxiety by working with trainers, behaviorists and veterinarians.  Despite our best efforts, our veterinarian’s advice is that Jax would be better suited for a quitter home without children.  We think that Jax would be a great addition to a house that is quite, safe and has a stable routine. If you are interested in meeting with him or learning more about him, please reach out to Shannon at


Hello my name is Cody and I was born on April 17th 2017. I am a Mini Australian Shepherd. My papa is moving and unfortunately I am not able to move with him. I would do well in a home where I am able to let out my energy and play a lot (I love to play). I am a very energetic boy. I am still learning not to chew things that are not toys or food. I am good at using my potty pads and I sometimes go potty outside like a big boy. I love to be outside and taking walks. I love people, I love them so much that my whole body wiggles with excitement when they approach me. I am up to date on all my shots and I was neutered on April 5th 2018 at Lesslie Animal Hospital in Rock Hill, SC. If I sound like a good fit for your home please contact my papa Tristan right away st

Hi!  My name is Daisy.  I am a three year old, black Lab Mix.  I love attention and want to fill up all of the space in your heart!  I am a total foodie, and I love getting treats for being good.  I enjoy playing with dog bones, laying on the couch, and going for walks.  I am very calm, I get along well with people, and I love children.  I am okay being around other dogs, but I get protective over my food, so I would shine best in a home where it is all about me.  This is why I am looking for another home; my adoptive brother and I do not get along well and sometimes get in fights over food.  In my furever home, I want to be with a family where I am the only dog in their hearts. I am fully potty trained and have never had an accident in the house since being adopted.  I am also up-to-date on all of my shots and monthly medicines. My current family has helped me rehabilitate after a hard start in life by my first family.  But now I am fully vetted and ready to find my furever family.  If you have any questions about me or are interested in getting to know me, you can contact my current family at