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    Bonjour ! My name is Inky! I am a petite female kitty and my left ear has been tipped. There are many cats where I am living now and I get along with everyone. I love, love sitting by the window and sometimes I will even have my bowl of food and water there to avoid the bustle at meal times. I get a little wound up if you try petting me too much. I need some patience and would like being an only kitty. Please contact my mom Virginia if you would like to adopt me! Virginiaoriley@gmail.com or 704-241-8334.



    Pleased to meet you, my name is Junior though everyone calls me Joujou. I am a big boy, maybe 11-12 lbs and love to be snuggled. I am still a little timid and tend to keep to myself. I would be best as an only cat–although I am a papa and Duncan and Saber are my babies. My left ear has been tipped, and I have been neutered and received vaccines. You can smooch and nuzzle me and I like being groomed. If you would love a big baby like me contact Virginia: Virginiaoriley@gmail.com or 704-241-8334.



    I’m Sophie and I’m 4 months old, been spayed, dewormed, up to date on all my shots.  I have never been around kids or dogs except at Petsmart when my foster mommy has brought me for adoption events. When I see a ball bouncing on the floor for a dog, I just want to jump down & play w/the ball at least, but I’m not sure about the dog. I love affection and I’ll sometimes lick your finger. I’m a very sweet kitty. I love to play. She loves to run & climb & lounge & fall asleep on cat towers, love to perch up on them looking out the window. I love to run around & play with all the other foster kitties, and loves to snuggle up with them when it’s time to nap or sleep. If I sound like the cat for you then contact my foster mom at: tinagebbia@gmail.com  or 704-293-7777


    Meet Ebony!  Ebony is a young 1-2 year old (as of 12/2016), small sized spayed female. Medium length hair, all black with electric green eyes. She is bonded to her brother Christopher (see his posting below), though she could be fine as a lone cat. However, she does hiss at other cats she comes in contact with, and dogs scare her. It would be great if someone wants two cats to keep each other company during the day, they can have them both! Even so, they are both super happy to be around people and play, play, play. Ebony is a talker, coos and harmonically questions to get your attention, asking what are you doing?  She’s quite curious and often carries toys around in her mouth to hide them from her brother.  She had lived with an active family and friendly medium sized dog. When rescued she was timid, but isn’t anymore.  If you are interested in adopting Ebony, contact Holly at htholcke@aol.com or at 704-756-807

    Meet Christopher!  Christopher is a young 1-2 year old (as of 12/2016), small sized neutered male, long hair, black tabby with electric green eyes and a lion look to his cheeks. He is bonded to his sister Ebony (see posting above), though he could be fine as a lone cat, and believe he may do alright with a friendly dog. Christopher takes up all the energy in a room playing hard, jumps like an acrobat, flips in the air and catches toys in his paws. He carries toys in his mouth to different locations and often his feather on the end of a wand will be dragged off to a place he thinks no-one can take it from him. He has a funny swagger of walk. If you are interested in adopting Christopher, contact Holly at htholcke@aol.com or at 704-756-8076

    Hi my name is Boo Boo! I am a large black and white male. I have been neutered and up to date on my shots. I am two years old. My foster mom rescued me from a shelter when I was a kitten.   I love people but am not crazy about other cats, some I like and some I don’t. I love attention and affection. I am quite verbal and loud for a cat when I talk. My favorite hobby is making biscuits and I go at it with all I have.  If you think you might like to adopt me, please contact my foster mom Sue at 704 989 7726 or sistaswiss@hotmail.com 

    Hello, my name is Jynx! I’m a 3yr, 8lbs princess. My favorite thing to do is sit in the sunbeams and watch birds through the window. I’m great with kids, cats and dogs. I do get shy around big dogs but eventually warm up. I’m a curious kitty that will bring you all the hair ties I can find before snuggling up with you for the night.  I’m proud to say, I’ve never had an accident or sprayed! I’m up-to-date on my shots and spayed. Please contact me at: 704 858 6937 if you want a forever furbaby.


    Hi!  I’m Magia and I’m curious, friendly, and affectionate.  I’m about 8 years old and given the chance, I would be happy to rest on your lap and enjoy a good head scratch.  I like to hang out with you when I’m not sleeping, and will talk to you frequently, especially if I’m hungry.  My purrs resonate while I’ll express my gratitude and happiness for companionship.  If I like you enough, I might lick you to show my affection.  While I do occasionally enjoy a brief adventure outside, I always come in when called and never stray far from the house.  I have lived with a dog most of my life and while I tolerate her, I would prefer a home where a dog isn’t constantly bothering me.  If you are interested in adopting me, please contact Paul at pipspadaro@gmail.com or at 704-808-0409.

    Hi!  I’m Spectre and I’m a very sweet cat, about 7 years old and despite growing up, I have never lost my cute little kitten meow.  I might be shy at first, but I love to be pet, getting cozy under the covers, and finding a nice sunny spot near the window for a cat nap.  I am very much a lady and am always impeccably postured with my tail wrapped neatly around me.  I don’t go outside but find time for adventures and play at night.  I have lived with a dog most of my life and am always running away from her, so I would prefer a home where a dog isn’t constantly bothering me.  If you are interested in adopting me, please contact Paul at pipspadaro@gmail.com or at 704-808-0409.