• Community Cats: Trap-Neuter-Return Program

    The Humane Society of Charlotte’s Community Cat Program is aimed at addressing the needs of the thousands of community cats living in our community and of the people who co-exist with them. Our main focus is to humanely reduce the population of community cats through spaying and neutering and through the socialization of young kittens so that they may be adopted into indoor homes.

    What is a community cat? Traditionally, the animal welfare field has classified cats into 3 categories:

    • A feral cat is unsocialized and fearful of people, which makes him a poor candidate for adoption.
    • A stray cat once lived in a home, but was lost or abandoned and forced to survive on his own. Strays can usually be quickly re-socialized and adopted, if homes are available.
    • A pet cat is a companion animal with an identifiable owner and home.

    Cute Striped Street Cat


    What does it mean to “ear-tip” a cat? In addition to the sterilization surgeries and vaccinations that community cats receive when they are humanely trapped, each cat is ear-tipped. While the cat is anesthetized for surgery, approximately one-quarter of an inch of the cat’s left ear is cropped by one of our veterinarians. This doesn’t hurt and it heals quite quickly. It’s a way to identify that that cat does not need to be brought into the shelter for surgery and allows us to focus on those that clearly still need sterilization.

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