Community CatSNIP TNR Surgery Event

Join HSC on Monday, September 16 for our FREE Community Cat TNR Surgery event!

Community Cat TNR Post-Op Instructions

General Spay/Neuter Post-Op Instructions

All surgeries are FREE! Please note, all cats must be in a community cat trap for the safety of the cat and the HSC Clinic Services team.

Please note: If cats are not in an approved, humane live-trap, service will be denied. No wire crates or plastic travel crates. Only humane live-traps are allowed for the transportation of Community Cats. Traps may be borrowed from the Humane Society of Charlotte.






Next Upcoming Community CatSNIP event: Monday, November 18.

Community CatSNIP Appointment Registration

Please fill out all of the information below to request an appointment for our TNR CatSNIP event on Monday, September 16th, 2019! Please note that all cats MUST be securely in a trap upon arrival. One cat per trap. Traps may be borrowed from HSC. Cats that arrive in enclosures other than community cat traps will be denied service. Space is limited. All cats will be ear-tipped.
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