What is Nap Time?

The Humane Society of Charlotte has implemented a new initiative to help the dogs and cats in their care decompress and relax during the height of the day.  Each day, HSC closees to the public for 60 minutes from 1 pm – 2 pm.   

The shelter will remain active and open for phone calls/emails but will close its doors, allowing staff to eat lunch and reset for the afternoon and for the animals to sleep or rest for a brief period without human engagement. This new rule is being implemented for the health and well-being of both the animals at HSC and the staff members.  

A shelter environment, unlike a home environment, does not allow for the natural sleeping behaviors of dogs and cats due to noise, stress, and the constant engagement of people. Research has proven that this constant stimulation can have a negative impact on dogs and cats, by creating a continuous state of sleep deprivation. Overall, a designated daily rest time for our animals (and staff) creates a better atmosphere for our adopters! 

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