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A campaign for pets and people
The Humane Society of Charlotte

We're focused on the future.
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Our focus

A new Animal Resource Center for Charlotte

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Improve the lives of pets & people...

by offering welcoming spaces for pet adoptions and family-friendly activities and recreations at the new community dog park.

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Create education programs...

by collaborating with education programs to model early character traits like kindness, respect, empathy, and responsibility.

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Expand our services...

by creating more access to affordable pet health and wellness services that we provide to community pets through our clinic.

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Build long-term relationships...

with the Charlotte-area community and join their families as the human-animal bond is strengthened through the years.

Brick Campaign

Help pave the way for homeless animals and leave a lasting legacy at the new Humane Society of Charlotte Animal Resource Center. Personalized brick pavers will be installed at our new Center and are a great way to honor a loved one or special pet.

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A New Home for HSC

We reached our fundraising goal! Thank you to the Charlotte community members who supported this transformational project.

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We're aiming to improve...

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Limited service capacity

Clinic services is limited in providing spay/neuter surgeries and other wellness care due to a lack of adequate surgical areas, recovery space and capacity for expanded services.

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Lack of space

In our current facility, we are unable to provide resources for behavior modification, training and owner education due to lack of appropriate training spaces.

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High-stress environment

Our current facility is outdoor with limited climate control, antiquated plumbing and improper air handling for hygienic standards, creating a higher stress environment for animals.

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No educational/group spaces

Our facility prohibits us from engaging with interested educational groups due to lack of proper space for them to gather and visit with the animals.

New Offerings...

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State-of-the-art clinic

Expanded veterinary services in a state-of-the-art clinic that will expand our capacity to provide much-needed low-cost wellness care.

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Training opportunities

The ability to provide training opportunities for people and their pets increases pet retention. We can provide expanded resources to those that need it most.

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Public adoption center

A welcoming adoption center and cat café will serve as a destination for pets and people to relax, learn and socialize.

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Educational program

Collaboration with area schools to model early character traits like kindness, respect, empathy, and responsibility in an engaging environment through an actual humane education program.

See progress on the new HSC Animal Resource Center

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Site plan

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What I'm most excited about with the new animal resource center is that this facility will mirror how I think the Charlotte community feels about our pets. My Joey is the most perfect specimen of a dog that I have ever known and there is no way he can understand how much joy and love he has brought to our family. Everybody should have a dog like Joey.

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Beth & Joey Monaghan

Beth & Joey Monaghan

The Humane Society of Charlotte is proud to be leading the effort of creating the first animal resource center for the city of Charlotte.

View the siteplan

New site location

Planned facility site at — 1348 Parker Drive, Charlotte, NC 28208

Frequently asked questions

What is the campaign goal?

The overall project goal is to raise $15 million dollars. The new animal resource center will be constructed from highly durable materials that can withstand more than 20,000 animals moving through it annually. It will include top of the line features in every aspect of animal care, veterinary services and community hospitality including a climate controlled environment for all animals, extensive plumbing and sanitation systems, an advanced HVAC configuration, and updated animal spaces. This will be the first animal welfare center of its kind in the city of Charlotte and we’re thankful for the support of our community which has come together to help us raise over $14 million of our goal. We’re confident Charlotte will support us and help us finish our fundraising.

How much should I give?

Only you can answer that question! We are asking donors to consider giving at certain levels because we know it will take all of us stretching together to reach our goal.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes, the Humane Society of Charlotte is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Tax ID# 58-1342479.

Are gifts of stocks, bonds, real estate or other real property accepted?

Yes. Gifts of stock and property can often have substantial tax advantages for the donor. You may be eligible for deductions up to the full market value of the asset and may be able to avoid capital gains on the appreciated property. We encourage you to speak with your tax or financial advisors to determine the best way for you to make your gift.

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I was just blown away by all of the programs and services that the Humane Society does in this town. Helping people to keep their pets, working with veterans, and the volume of animals that they're able to find homes for and spay and neuter every year with the limited resources and limited budget and the less than ideal facilities... it's just a terrific organization doing a great job. The Humane Society of Charlotte does more with less than any other organization we've ever seen.

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Oscar, Heide and Hank Groomes

Oscar, Heide and Hank Groomes

Why does HSC need a new facility?

For more than 43 years, the Humane Society of Charlotte has served the greater Charlotte community from facilities that are aging and inadequate. As our organization broadens and strengthens our services to meet the needs of the Charlotte community, we can no longer ignore the facility-related needs. The new HSC Animal Resource Center will allow us to better serve animals and the people that care for them and will become a destination for animal lovers and advocates across the region. Overall, the new Animal Resource Center will deepen our connection and service to the Charlotte community.

Will you accept planned gifts?

Yes, but they will not count toward the primary campaign goal. In order to meet our current needs, we need gifts in cash, stock, and appreciated assets.

Will I still be asked to give annually?

Yes. Our operating budget is supported by your Annual Fund gifts, and we are still going to need them! Campaign pledges are in addition to your annual support.

What is the timing of the campaign?

We anticipate reaching out fundraising goal by the completion of construction in the Spring of 2022.

When do you anticipate the construction to be completed?

Construction on our new campus, located on Berryhill Road, has begun! Our construction team is moving along ahead of schedule and we are anticipating completion in the Spring of 2022.

HSC is honored to have been supported by

Former Carolina Panthers coach Ron and Stephanie Rivera — Honorary Campaign Chairpersons

The Humane Society of Charlotte is honored to be supported by Charlotte's first family, former Carolina Panthers Coach Ron and Stephanie Rivera. When the Riveras arrived in Charlotte in 2011, they immediately set out to start making a difference in our community.

After a serendipitous meeting at another charitable function, Stephanie Rivera and members of HSC leadership bonded over a shared love and respect of animals. Not too long after, members of our leadership would again encounter the Riveras, this time Ron, and the relationship would be solidified.

In the eight years since, HSC has worked with the Rivera family to produce several charitable calendars, cookbooks, t-shirts and more. When the time came for HSC to make serious decisions about our future animal resource facility, the Riveras were first in line to help us. As true animal advocates and supporters of our city, HSC is privileged to partner with The Rivera family.

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Pets complete a lot of families and they've always completed our family. Getting these rescues into great homes is something that we're hoping to be able to help to do. The educational program is going to be especially important for the community. It's going to give families and children an opportunity to learn how to care for their pets. That's why we're part of the family.

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Ron & Stephanie Rivera

Former Carolina Panthers Coach Ron & Stephanie Rivera

Former Coach Ron & Stephanie Rivera

Recent developments

Humane Society Partners with PetSmart Charities to Expand Veterinary Care

Posted on June 4, 2024

Charlotte, NC (May 31, 2024): The Humane Society of Charlotte (HSC) partnered with PetSmart Charities to improve access to veterinary care for animals in Charlotte. A two-year grant from PetSmart Charities provided HSC with an opportunity to expand their capacity of helping more publicly owned pets and see approximately 200 pets each week in their […]

Services at the Humane Society of Charlotte

Posted on June 19, 2023

Our mission at the Humane Society of Charlotte is to improve life quality for people and pets. We believe that given the right resources and support, everyone can be a good pet owner. That’s why we show up for you and your furry friends at every stage of ownership. Pet Training & Behavior Counseling Our […]

How to keep your pets calm and safe during Fourth of July fireworks shows

Posted on June 28, 2022

By Mary Ramsey, June28th | In addition to the fireworks themselves posing a potential danger to animals, the loud noises, bright lights and strong smells that come with fireworks displays can trigger stress and fear for pets, which can be damaging to their health and lead to accidents if and when they try to run […]

The New Humane Society Shelter In Charlotte Is Now Open

Posted on June 21, 2022

By Cameron Moore, June 7th | On June 1st, the Humane Society of Charlotte celebrated their grand opening of their new facility. According to their website, the Humane Society, “helps support homeless animals and leaves a lasting legacy.”

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A campaign for pets and people
The Humane Society of Charlotte

We're focused on the future.
How can you help?

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