Humane Society Partners with PetSmart Charities to Expand Veterinary Care

Charlotte, NC (May 31, 2024): The Humane Society of Charlotte (HSC) partnered with PetSmart Charities to improve access to veterinary care for animals in Charlotte. A two-year grant from PetSmart Charities provided HSC with an opportunity to expand their capacity of helping more publicly owned pets and see approximately 200 pets each week in their onsite Essential Care Wellness Clinic.

HSC was also able to hire Dr. Ceilidh Knudson, DVM, as the organization’s first Community Wellness Veterinarian to help more publicly owned pets.

“This last year working for the Humane Society in the Essential Care Clinic has made me extremely proud to be able to make a difference in the Charlotte community of pets and pet owners," said Dr. Knudson. "The number of pets we have been able to see this year and amount of owners we have been able to provide services and education to is incredible. I am looking forward to working hand in hand with our outreach department in the coming years to further assist our community as we work towards similar goals in making preventative veterinary care attainable for all pet owners.”

HSC provides basic wellness services including vaccinations, microchips, preventative medications, and nail trimming in their Essential Care Wellness Clinic. With support from PetSmart Charities grant funding, they have been able to expand services to include booster appointments in addition to the services mentioned above.

For more information about HSC’s Essential Care Wellness Clinic for publicly owned pets, please visit