Planned Giving

Planned giving makes every dollar go farther.  To maximize your charitable giving, as well as fulfill your own financial needs, you can fund the future of the Humane Society of Charlotte through your estate planning.  Making a gift through your estate is one of the most effective ways to ensure that we can carry on our mission to save animals’ lives far into the future. The Humane Society of Charlotte invites you to join other supporters who have already taken the steps necessary to ensure the future of our organization. We look forward to working with you to design a gift that meets your charitable and financial goals.

Three easy giving options include bequests, retirement plan assets and life insurance policies. For more information on making a planned gift and becoming a member of our Legacy Society, please contact Donna Canzano Stucker, or call 704-494-7704.

Thank you to the following members of the Legacy Society as of January 31, 2018.


Anonymous (9)

Susie Adams

Estate of William Allan

Ann Babcock

Estate of James Thomas Barkley

Leslie Barrett

George Beckwith

Margaret Belton

Estate of Dean Bigham

Larissa Bixler-Stein

Estate of James E.  Blades

Estate of Stewart Blake

Mitzy Bondurant

Marilyn & George Bosian

Earl Branham

Jaclyn Bresson

Bill Briggs

Carol S. Brown

Beatrice W. Butt

Cindy Caldwell

Steven D. Carter

Carol Cercioglu

Peta Corner

Estate of Eileen Corpening

Susan & John Corriher

Karen L. Cox

Cindy Cuddy

Berry Davidson

Tamara & Joe Davis

Jeanne L. Deiger

Estate of Sharon Dixon

Peggy Donovan

Roberta Driessen

Estate of Evelyn Jean Dulaney

Rhonda Honey Duncan

Estate of James Edwards

Cheryl Darlene Ellis

Connie Enright

Sheri & Tracy Ewing

Betsy Ferguson

Sharyn Renee Fleenor

George Finley

Estate of Bruce Frazier

Estate of Charles H. Free

Jud H. Gee Revocable Trust

Darlene & Dean Glasel

Pamela Goard

Meg Goldstein & Matthew Luftglass

Sara Pearson Graham

Janet L. Greene

Haruko & Michael Greene

Bill Hamelau

Carol A. Hance

Joyce & Ronnie Hannon

Jamie & Jason Hayes

Ann C. Helms

James Edward Hickmon

Helen Quinn Higgins

Estate of Patsy J Honeycutt

Cathy W. Hudson

Ollie Diane Huff

Estate of Sudie Brotherton Hughes

Therese Humphrey

In Memory of all Abused Animals

Jerri Lynn Jackson

Adara & Josh Jacobson

Estate of Patricia & Everett Jensen

Lynne & Bill Kellam

Marye Kelly

Estate of Sarah Lynn Kennelly

Christine C. Kunkler

Sandra & Thomas Lehman

Rita Leonard

Estate of James Little

Jonathan Littlepage

Heather Livengood

Estate of Wally K. Lovern

Lynn Lytle

John Henry Maas

Joan Mashburn

Phyllis McDonald

Estate of James McIntosh

Estate of William H. McKee

Ethel Melissa McMahan

Ms. Scott C. McNeish

Annette & Rick Miner

David J. Monroe

Estate of Elizabeth Moore

Shelly Moore

Tracy C. Morgan

Russ Morrison

Jean & John Oakes

John Robert Ogden & Cecelia Mary Ogden

Susan O’Shields in Memory of Parents Joyce & Joe O’Shields

Coleen Postilo

Dorsey Patrick

Bethel Regan Pentel

Steve Phillippi

Vicki Pietrangelo

Wendy J. Porter

Estate of Erika Preslar

Donna & Michael Ragan

Estate of Judith Marie Renegar

Linda Dolores Rider

Nancy & Bruce Roberts

Wendy & Frank Rosen

Clayton T. Rumble

Robin Smith Salzman

Bill San Filippo & Bob Zimmermacher

Alice Sangster

Doris & Lynda Shaad

Dawn Siebert

Dennis & Evangeline Soter

Leslie R. Stacks

Stephanie Stenglein

Donna Canzano Stucker

Brenda R. Temple

Mrs. Marion Q. Thornton

Joan Turlington & Dennis Callan

Estate of Richard Wardlow

Estate of Coline Walker

Beverly Quinn Ward & William C. Ward, Jr.

Catherine Collette Watson

Scott Weinstein

Robert Weller

Estate of Valerie B. Wikoff

Joyce Maclean Williamson

Michael Wofford

Carmen Hildegard Yergeau

Legal Information
The Humane Society of Charlotte, Inc. is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization as determined by the U.S. Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service. Our federal tax id number is 58-1342479.