Pet Rehoming and Adoption Returns

Pet Rehoming and Adoption Returns

At the Humane Society of Charlotte, we are committed to helping keep people and pets together. We understand that sometimes this is not an option. The decision to rehome your pet is not an easy one, and we are here to support you. Below, you’ll find resources and assistance to guide you through this process. 

Pet Help Resources
HSC has a variety of resources available to help you keep your pet. We offer Pet Crisis Support, Pet Food Bank, and Information on Renting with Pets.

Adoption Returns
Not all relationships work out. If you adopted your pet from HSC within the last 90 days you may return them. Start by filling out an Adoption Return Form and a representative of HSC will reach out to schedule a time to meet with you. For more information on our adoption return process, please see our Adoption Return FAQ.

Rehoming Your Pet
If you’re looking to rehome your pet,
private rehoming is a great option. Private rehoming is typically less stressful for the animal and prevents them from entering a shelter environment.

Below are some resources to help you find a new home for your dog or cat:

Social media is another resource to use when privately rehoming your pet.

Here’s some things to include in your social media post when rehoming your pet:

  • Pet’s name and Age
  • Spay/Neuter and vaccination status
  • Photos and videos
  • Socialization – Does your pet get along with dogs, cats, and/or children?
  • House training – Is your dog crate trained? Does your cat use the litter box?
  • Health and Behavior – Does your pet have any medical or behavioral issues?

The Humane Society of Charlotte is Here to Help

If you would like to speak with an HSC representative regarding your pet surrender options, please fill out the appropriate form below. *Please understand that completing the form does not guarantee your pet’s acceptance into the HSC adoption program.

Per NC Ordinance 14-361.1: “Abandonment of animals. Any person being the owner or possessor, or having charge or custody of an animal, who willfully and without justifiable excuse abandons the animal is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.”