Information for Renting with a Pet in Charlotte

Information for Renting with a Pet in Charlotte

The Humane Society of Charlotte strives to keep pets and people together by providing access to pet resources like pet-friendly housing. Below, you’ll find information on responsible pet ownership, amenities your home should have for a pet-friendly lifestyle, as well as a list of pet-friendly apartment complexes and hotels in Charlotte for new pet owners who need suitable accommodations. Owning a pet can be simple even in a city like Charlotte with the necessary resources.

Tips to consider when preparing to impress your new landlord

Our pets are individuals and have unique needs. Contact our Behavior and Training Department to learn more about how to help your animal live happily with you. 

Pet-Friendly Housing Resources

The Humane Society of Charlotte maintains a list of apartments and hotels in the Charlotte area that advertise pet acceptance. We update the list twice a year, so we encourage you to contact housing complexes directly for current information.

HSC may be able to offer pet deposit financial assistance. Please contact the Pet Help Center for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet-Friendly Housing

Is an apartment too small for my dog?

Many dogs of all shapes and sizes can live happily in an apartment with proper training and management. Please ask your landlord about any pet restrictions. 

Are there any local laws or regulations about pets in Charlotte?

Charlotte-Mecklenberg ordinances affecting pet ownership can be found here