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Critter Care Wellness Clinic

We care about all of the pets in our community and want to do our part to help keep them happy and healthy — that’s why HSC offers Critter Care Wellness Wednesday, a low-cost, high-quality clinic every Wednesday at the HSC Spay/Neuter Clinic.

Services we offer include:

• Low-cost vaccines
• Microchips
• Flea/tick prevention
• Feline FIV/FELV Testing
• Canine Heartworm Testing
• Heartworm prevention (must provide proof of your dog’s recent negative heart worm test).

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Standard Hours: 9 pm-2 pm (September – May) every Wednesday
Summer Hours: 8 am-1 pm (June – August) every Wednesday

Critter Care Wellness Clinic
2646 Toomey Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28203
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For questions about our clinic, contact our Spay/Neuter Clinic at 704.333.4130.