Pet Food Bank

The Humane Society of Charlotte recognizes that many families temporarily face difficult financial times and may require assistance in caring for their pets. We believe that no one should face the difficult decision of having to surrender their pet because they cannot afford the cost of food.

Our food bank is intended for families facing short-term financial difficulties and not for the permanent or long-term feeding of your pets.  We are also community partners with our friends at Mecklenburg County DSS Senior Citizens Nutrition Program and are working to be sure that all seniors that are pet owners and clients of that program receive much-needed dog/cat food for their furry family members.

Are you an individual or company that is interested in helping us restock our Food Bank?  We could certainly use your help.   For more information or to host a food/supply drive for our HSC Community Outreach Food Bank, please click here.

Click HERE for the HSC Community Food Bank FOOD DRIVE KIT.

Click HERE to make a gift to the HSC Community Food Bank and outreach initiatives.