Community Projects

Community Projects

We invite young animal lovers to help us make a difference through the Humane Society of Charlotte. Kids can support and help the animals at our shelter and those in the community in several different ways.

Take a look at the ideas below of ways you can support our animal shelter. No amount is too small and no gesture is ever unappreciated! Please contact our Education team at to coordinate a drop off date and time.

  • Hold a pet food drive in your neighborhood: Create flyers detailing the items needed and where and when to drop them off then deliver them to your neighbor’s mailboxes.
  • Host a neighborhood sale: Who doesn’t love a good cold glass of lemonade, homemade baked goods or homemade dog treats? Setup a stand in your neighborhood to sell your homemade goodies and donate the proceeds to HSC.
  • Build a Community Cat Shelter: Community cats need shelter from the elements. Give a community cat some shelter by building an inexpensive house using simple, easy to find items.
  • Hold a bake sale: Bake up some delicious treats, sell them at your church or community event, and donate the proceeds to HSC.
  • Who wants to partayyy: Birthday coming up? Family reunion? Host a party and ask your guests to bring dog and cat food as gifts or see below for a list of items our shelter is consistently in need of.
  • Put on a concert: Are you musically inclined? How about your friends? Get a band together for an impromptu concert in a high traffic area of your neighborhood or at your church or school and collect coins for cats or dollars for dogs.
  • Utilize your network: Are you a member of a church? A sports team? A social club? Consider reaching out to these supports already in place to plan fundraisers (see below for a list of items our shelter is consistently in need of), food drives and more!
  • Get social with it: The power of social media is incredible, think about the ways in which you could use various social media platforms to advocate for your cause.
  • If you build it, they will come: Organize a canned food architectural design contest where all entries are built out of canned dog and cat food.
  • Peanut butter, peanut butter: Our shelter dogs love peanut butter-filled kongs as part of their daily enrichment. Consider holding a peanut butter drive to support our shelter dogs.
  • Cat toys: Cats need daily enrichment too! They get this through engaging toys that are easy to make at home with common household items. Consider making a bunch of DIY cat toys or cat scratchers and dropping them off at our shelter.
  • Kongs: Our shelter dogs get daily kongs as part of their enrichment. We are always taking empty Kongs to fill here on site.

Items our shelter is consistently in need of:

  • Paper Towels
  • Canned Dog Food (any brand)
  • Fancy Feast Pate Canned Cat Food
  • New Dog Toys
  • New Cat Toys
  • Exam Gloves
  • Tall Trash Bags
  • 55 Gallon Trash Bags
  • Fleece Blankets
  • Cat Treats
  • Soft Dog Treats

Find more items we need on our Amazon wish list here: Wish List