Classroom Visits

We Bring Humane Education to You!

The Humane Society of Charlotte will enhance your classroom with our animal and compassion-based curriculum. HSC offers small and large group lessons and presentations tied to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (NCSCOS) curriculum at local schools. Lessons are designed for your students to help build character, kindness, and animal knowledge.

Attention Teachers: Interested in learning how you can bring Social and Emotional Learning into your classroom virtually? Email to learn more!

Contact Shelley to learn how we can customize our presentation to exactly what you and your students are currently learning! Visits are $50 each, sponsorships available!

Lessons Available

  • How HSC Saves Lives via Spaying and Neutering
  • HSC Critter Care & the Importance of Vaccinating & Microchipping Pets
  • Pet Care Basics
  • Careers Working with Animals
  • Safety for Pets and People
  • Pets Teaching Empathy and Social & Emotional Learning
  • HSC Community Outreach: How You Can Become Involved
  • Types of Organizations that Help Animals: What they do. How they are different. Why each is important.
  • Anti-bullying and Animals
  • How Animal Shelters use Statistics to Save Lives: Math is more fun when each number represents a wet nose!

We collaborate with therapy dog groups to let children explore hands-on learning.

Email Shelley Lyttle, Humane Education Manager or call 704-494-7710 for more information.

Request a Classroom Visit

“Shelley was the perfect match for our virtual visit with the Humane Society! She engaged our students in learning about social cues of dogs that can help us interpret how they are feeling, helping the students develop a greater sense of empathy. She also did a masterful job tying in our novel that we had just completed, Because of Winn Dixie, with the theme of empathy. It was just the right balance of learning, connecting, and sharing!” 

~Amy Ballaban, 4th Grade Teacher at Charlotte Latin