October 15, 2023

Reading Buddies 101 – SOLD OUT

HSC's Animal Resource Center
October 15, 2023
10:30 am — 12:00 pm

Become a Reading Buddy to the animals! Sign up for our one-time, 90-minute orientation training session, Reading Buddies 101, and come read to the animals anytime during our open hours!  

We are updating our Reading Buddies program so anyone who would like to be a Reading Buddy will need to attend the orientation training. During Reading Buddies 101 we will learn about dog and cat body language so you can better understand how the animals are feeling. We will also go over responsibilities, check-in and out procedures, and what it means to be a Reading Buddy. Once you have completed the program, you will be able to come read to the animals whenever we are open without having to sign up beforehand!  

This one-time training costs $20 per Reading Buddy. If the Reading Buddy is a child, that cost includes one adult chaperone. The adult who attends Reading Buddies MUST be the adult accompanying the child whenever they come read. Additional adults may attend with a child for $10 each.  


“I want to sign up my son for Reading Buddies but sometimes his Grandpa will bring him to read and other times I will. What do I do?” 

  • Both yourself and his Grandpa must attend Reading Buddies 101. All adults who accompany children for Reading Buddies need to attend the orientation training. You would sign up your son, yourself, and Grandpa ($20 for Reading Buddy plus $10 for additional adult for a total of $30). All three must attend the training.  

How often will I need to do the training?  

  • Just one time! Every person coming to HSC to read to the animals must have attended Reading Buddies 101. However, if additional children in the family want to become Reading Buddies later, then the adult chaperone will have to accompany them, even if it is that adult’s 2nd time attending an orientation. Children must be accompanied by an adult for both orientation and whenever they come read to the animals.  

Why are you changing the Reading Buddies program?  

  • We are moving to offer Reading Buddies 101 so that Reading Buddies may come read to the animals whenever we are open. With how the program was run previously, you had to sign up for a 30-minute time slot on specific weekdays and those were based on employee and volunteer availability. Now, trained Reading Buddies will be able to come read to the animals whenever and for however long they want!  

Other questions or concerns? Email education@humanecharlotte.org