Pet Friendly Housing

Tips for finding Pet Friendly Housing

  • Be honest. Sneaking pets into “no-pets allowed” residences only complicates living situations and further damages the reputation of responsible pet owners.
  • Promote your pet and yourself by having referrals from your veterinarian, trainer, or previous landlords.
  • Offer to have your pet meet the owner or property manager to show the temperament of your pet. A well-behaved pet can be evidence of a responsible renter and pet owner.
  • Try to crate train your dog. If you dog is already crate trained, let your landlord know. Having a safe and secure dog alleviates worries and stress when you are not home. Also, provide a number that you can be reached at when you are not home.
  • Once your pet has been approved by the rental agency or owner, get it in writing. Make sure it is included on your rental agreement.
  • Moving can be stressful on your pet. Give yourself at least eight weeks of searching to make the transition easier for you and your pet.
  • Be able to spend time with your pet after you move to help your pet more acclimate to their new home.

Pet Friendly Housing in the Greater Charlotte Area

We have compiled a list of pet friendly apartments in the Charlotte area. Please make sure to contact the rental agency as policies can change. Please contact us if you know of any other pet friendly housing in the Greater Charlotte area that is not listed.

Click here for HSC’s list of Pet Friendly Housing.  We hope you find this helpful.

Online Resources:

Please visit this link to view more Pet Friendly Housing information.

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