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Saturday First Class Canine Training Classes scheduled through March 31 will be canceled and rescheduled for a future date. Class dates will be announced as soon as possible. 

At the Humane Society of Charlotte, our pet behavior/enrichment program has been designed not only to make sure animals who stay with us are happy, active and fulfilled – but also to help ease their transition from shelter life to forever homes. Once you bring a pet into your life, HSC wants to do whatever we can to help them stay part of your family, and that includes behavioral support from our experienced behavioral team.

2020 Training Classes:

 To Be Rescheduled – March 21st Sign Up | Paw & Order

Paw and Order – going over manners for the well-adjusted dog (includes sit, wait, down)

  • Sit,
  • down
  • wait

To Be Rescheduled – March 28th Sign Up | Jurassic Bark

Jurassic Bark – How to understand and let your dog play with other dogs safely

  • Dog skills
  • Dog playstyles

April Training Classes

Hoping to help your dog learn a few new tricks? Looking for help with some basic obedience and dog manners? Join us for a four-week First Class Canine dog training session to be held every Wednesday starting on April 8th and ending on April 29th or every Thursday starting April 9th and ending April 30th. Four-week sessions are $100 and will be held at the Humane Society of Charlotte.

Led by HSC’s Intake & Behavior Programs Manager, Zach Boerboom, First Class Canine will cover the basics to help you and your dog build a foundation for basic manners and life skills.

A positive training plan and basic obedience skills will help your dog lead a happier, healthier, calmer, and more productive life. Our training philosophy, based on behavioral science, positive reinforcement, and fear-free tactics leads to a stronger human-animal bond with your dog and a life-long sense of trust.

Wednesday Sign Up
Thursday Sign Up

More about our Intake and Behavior Program Manager, Zach
Zach started shelter work at 19 years old, working at the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri. He worked at an open admission pace, doing 15,000 intakes a year. He was an integral part of progressing that shelter toward no-kill status by renovating the way that adoptions, prison programs, enrichment, behavior and community involvement were utilized. Zach then received the privilege to work at Best Friends Animal Society in Dogtown. He received formal training on technical training plans, the subtle details of marginal dogs, innovative dog training plans, and focused on treating every dog as an individual. He was a daily caregiver for Vicktory dogs, members of the Missouri 500 dogs and others that were court-ordered to remain at Best Friends. From there he took over the animal care program at the Fredericksburg SPCA. Zach helped to create an environment that allowed for learning, enrichment and community involvement and also renovated the program to take over intakes, adoptions, and community support. Zach came to Charlotte in September 2018 to take over the behavior program at the Humane Society of Charlotte.

Behavior Assistance for Pet Owners

Having a pet can be a challenge for new pet owners as well as seasoned owners. Each pet is an individual, and some challenges can be more complex and need in-depth assistance. The Behavior Team at HSC is here to help! If you need advice beyond the articles we have provided below, please reach out to our Intake and Behavior Department. We have additional resources to help alleviate those challenges.

Please contact our team with questions or for more information at

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