Behavior & Training

NEW: We’ve updated our classes! Beginning in November 2021, HSC will offer an expanded variety of training classes and sessions. Search below to find the sessions best suited for your pup!

Once you bring a pet into your life, the Humane Society of Charlotte wants to do whatever we can to help them stay part of your family and that includes behavioral & training support from our experienced behavioral team.

We believe that with a positive reinforcement training plan and basic life skills your dog will lead a happier, healthier, and more productive life. Our training philosophy is based on behavioral science, the human-animal bond, and positive reinforcement. Questions? Email our Behavior Programs Team

Needed materials for all sessions:

  • Leash & Collar/Harness
  • Training Treats
  • Waste bags

Need a quick pointer post-adoption? Visit our Post-Adoption Tips & Tricks page for helpful articles that tackle common questions and situations not covered in our training sessions.

Please arrive on time. Classes start no later than 5 minutes after the posted time.