Happy National Walking the Dog Day!

Today, Monday, February 22 is National Walking the Dog Day and the Humane Society of Charlotte wants to help you combine past times that provide essential enrichment for your dog; quality time and exercise.  

What is Enrichment? 

Enrichment activities allow animals to express their natural personality and gives them an opportunity to interact with their environment: other people, and animalsIt’s scientifically proven to enhance an animal’s mental, emotional and physical well-being 

Celebrate Walking the Dog Day !

On National Walking the Dog Day, you can help your pet beat the boredom blues by providing an enriching walk, but not the same walk they take every morning and evening. Here are some ways to make your daily walk more exciting. 

Burn Off Extra Energy: Start your day with a jog instead of a slow walk. Find a pace that suits both you and your pet and hit the pavement at a quicker jaunt. Your pet will be excited to stretch its legs and you’ll get some great exercise in the process. Make sure to consider your dog’s breed, age, and overall health before setting out on a run!

Play Training Games: Work on training and obedience skills during a walk. Not sure what training games to play? Here is a great list to get started.

Leave Your Phone at Home: It’s easy to disconnect while your phone is in your hand. If you’re catching up on emails or scrolling Instagram, your pet can feel a lack of attention just as easily as another human can. Leave your phone at home (or put it in your pocket) and focus on connecting with your pet. Talk and engage with them and your walk will be more rewarding for you both. 

Go ExploringGo exploring with your pup. Hit up a dog-friendly trail, change up neighborhoods, or go to your local dog-friendly park. New sights and smells are sure to delight your dog during their daily exercise.

Find a dog-walking buddy: Supervised interactions with other dogs are another great way to provide enrichment. Find a friend or relative that can safely join you on National Walking the Dog Day and hit the streets together.

Send HSC a Picture: We want to see you and your pup celebrating National Walking the Dog Day. Snap a picture on your walk and tag us @humanecharlotte, using #walkingthedogday2021.