HSC Team Members Give Educational Talks for the North Carolina Animal Federation

Leah Massey, Community Cats Program Manager, and Kayla Wade, Behavior & Training Coordinator of the Humane Society of Charlotte have put on their education hats and will be providing their expertise to the members of the North Carolina Animal Federation (NCAF).

Leah Massey, who has spearheaded the HSC Community Cats Program and its TNR efforts since 2017, will speak Thursday, February 24, on the timely matter of “Does This Cat Really Need my Help? (ncanimalfederation.org). Preceding this year’s upcoming kitten season, Massey will dispel the common misconception that kittens found outside in the spring and summer are abandoned. Often, the kittens are perfectly healthy and awaiting their mother’s return. Well-meaning citizens often remove the kittens from the location where they are found and bring them to area shelters, contributing to high populations of kittens in the shelter system. By determining whether or not these cats and kittens really need help, Massey is helping shelters spread useful information to good Samaritans in their communities.

Kayla Wade has led the Behavior & Training Department at the Humane Society of Charlotte for more than two years, focusing both on behavior concerns in community pets as well as concerns regarding shelter dogs and needed behavior modifications. A native of the area, she noticed that there was a need for specialized knowledge in understanding aggressive behavior in dogs and felt that she could become that resource for HSC and the Charlotte community. Wade was awarded a prestigious scholarship to Michael Shikashio’s Aggression in Dogs master course. With the knowledge that she’s learned, Kayla will present to the NCAF members on Reading Canine Body Language (ncanimalfederation.org) on April 28.

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