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Surrender Your Pet

Here at the Humane Society of Charlotte, we strive to find the appropriate placement for healthy and treatable animals in our care. We are also committed to helping pet owners keep their pets in their family whenever possible. We understand that sometimes that is not an option and the decision to surrender is not an easy one, so we aim to make this process seamless.

The first step in the surrender process is for the pet owner to complete the surrender form for their animal and submit to for review.  Please fill, save and email.

Cat Surrender Form

Dog Surrender Form

Alternatives to Surrendering Your Family Pet:

Pet Retention
The Humane Society of Charlotte is committed to helping pet owners keep their pets in their family whenever possible. If you have to surrender your pet due to the cost of care (i.e. food and supplies, etc.) please consider contacting us, as we may be able to help you keep your pet.  Please note that our assistance may be limited depending on the amount of available food and supplies we currently have.

Rehoming your animal from home
The shelter environment can be inherently stressful so your pet may be better suited for adoption from your home where they are in their family setting. HSC supports the service that allows you to list your animal for free and determine the next best adopter for your dog or cat. This is a great solution if you have a little more time to rehome your animal. Rehome your pet with AdoptAPet.

Behavioral Help
The Humane Society of Charlotte offers behavioral counseling and assistance to help you resolve whatever behavioral concerns you may be experiencing. Sometimes pet owners feel they don’t have a choice but to surrender their pet due to behavioral concerns in the home (i.e. pets not getting along, destructive behaviors, aggression etc.) We can setup time for a behavior consult to discuss the particular concerns you are experiencing and see if we can find an alternative to surrender and to keep them with you, their family. Learn more about behavior assistance.