Shelter Rehoming

Shelter Rehoming

An appointment is required to surrender any animal to the Humane Society of Charlotte. This enables us to provide you with better service when you arrive and appropriate care for your animal. After you submit an application, a member of our Admissions Team will talk with you about your pet and determine if he or she might be a good fit for shelter rehoming. If we feel the animal might adapt to the shelter well, we will schedule your pet for an animal assessment. Please note that we do require a non-refundable assessment fee to be paid prior to your appointment. 

We will do our best to admit your animal into our care, but we cannot guarantee the admission of any animal. If you are under a strict timeline for rehoming your pet, please mention this to the staff member assisting you as other resources may be needed in rehoming your pet. All assessments are by appointment only Tuesday through Saturday, times will vary depending on staff availability. 

Please note: Admission of any pet into the Humane Society of Charlotte is based on the animal’s health and behavior. Animals are admitted when space is available and an assessment fee is paid.  

How The Process Works: 

  • Get your pet up to date on all vaccinations and preventatives.  
  • Submit a rehoming request form by clicking on the correct button below.
  • Create a profile on Adopt A Pet and send us the link. 
  • Wait for our intake team to reach out and schedule an assessment. 
  • After determining an assessment time and date, we will send you the link to pay the $50 assessment fee to reserve your appointment time. This fee is non-refundable; if you choose to cancel your appointment this fee will be deposited as a donation to our behavior program so we can continue to provide these services to our community. If your animal is accepted into the adoption program, the assessment fee will be deducted from the rehoming services fee. After the fee has been received, we will send you an email confirming your appointment date and time 
  • Once your pet has been assessed, we will discuss whether they are a good fit for our adoption program. 

Cat/Kitten Surrender Form    Dog/Puppy Surrender Form 

What will my appointment be like?
On your appointment day, we ask that you bring: 

  • Your valid driver’s license or state ID. 
  • Any veterinary paperwork and any medications the animal is currently taking 
  • You are also welcome to bring a familiar toy or something with a familiar scent on it to help the animal adjust once in our facility. 

What happens next?  

  • Our staff will provide you with the options available for your pet. 
  • If your pet has been accepted for our adoption program, we will set up an intake date and discuss the fees associated with utilizing HSC’s re-homing services.  
  • If it is determined that your pet is not a good match with the adoption program, we will review the other services we offer with you, as well as examine other rehoming options you may be able to explore for your pet. Please understand that many animals WILL NOT do well in a shelter setting. We want your animal to be successful in finding an alternative home. If they are too overwhelmed during the evaluation, the likelihood of them being successful is less. We will provide you with other rehoming options outside of the shelter system. 
  • Additionally, if your animal is suffering medically or behaviorally and treatment is not a viable option, our trained staff can counsel you through those end-of-life decisions and provide you with resources for end-of-life care.