Two Charlotte animal welfare organizations team up to assist the Humane Society of United States with animal cruelty case

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Services and Humane Society of Charlotte accept rescued dogs into adoption program

Animal welfare organizations including Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Services and the Humane Society of Charlotte teaming up to assist the Humane Society of United States find placement for dozens of puppy mill dogs who were part of an animal cruelty investigation and seizure in December of 2019.

Caldwell County Animal Shelter seized Weimaraners, Rhodesian ridgebacks, Great Danes and spaniels. The dogs had various medical conditions, some that required emergency veterinary care. The dogs have remained on a legal hold throughout the judicial process. On August 21, during court proceedings, the judge signed ownership of the dogs over to the Caldwell County Animal Shelter. The HSUS has assisted with the veterinary costs, court process, and is now working with other agencies to find adoptive homes for these dogs.

At this time, the dogs are not available for adoption until their needs are further evaluated. Please follow our social media channels for more details on when they will be available for adoption.


For more information contact:

HSC: Emily Cook/Marketing & Communications Manager 704.494.7708

CMAS: Melissa Knicely/Communications Manager 704.336.3627