Ways to Celebrate DOGust with the Humane Society of Charlotte

Each summer, the month of August kicks off "DOGust" celebrations everywhere! Our dogs bring us joy and love and deserve celebration every day but many pet owners that adopt a rescue animal don't know their pet's true birthday. We celebrate those birthdays in August -  the universal birthday month for shelter dogs everywhere! Happy Birthday to all of the special rescue dogs from the Humane Society of Charlotte and in our community.

We encourage you to celebrate your dog(s) this month and show your appreciation for the HSC or the shelters/rescues that help dogs like yours find their loving homes.

Here are a few ways you can celebrate DOGust with the Humane Society of Charlotte.

1. Volunteer

The Humane Society of Charlotte is excited to welcome back current volunteers to our shelter. We are always in need of extra help and couldn't do our work without the help of our wonderful volunteers. Applications for new volunteers are still on hold, but if you'd like to be notified when new volunteer applications open up, just add your information HERE.

2. Donate needed supplies

The Humane Society of Charlotte is always in need of supplies for our animals. Even better, you can send these donations via Amazon Smile and help us twice! Check out our Amazon Wishlist HEREYou can also donate pet food (even if it's opened) and we'll use it at our Pet Food Bank, a service that helps community pets get the food they need.

3. Donate

Our work is important and we need the support of generous donors like you to keep our life-saving services going and our costs low. Consider making a financial donation to HSC. We are a private, 501(c)(3) organization that is 100% dependent upon charitable donations. We don't receive government funding and are not affiliated with any national organization. You can make a donation to help the animals by clicking HERE.

4. Adopt

Even if you’re already celebrating DOGust with a pup of your own, consider adopting a second dog (or cat)! Bringing a new animal home simply doubles your joy.  Each time you adopt, you give a loving home to a pet in need and make room for another homeless animal to be helped by our shelter. Not sure adopting is the right move? Considering our HSC Foster Program too!

5. Fundraise

Did you know you can raise funds on Facebook to help the Humane Society of Charlotte? Just start a post and choose “Support Nonprofit” as the post type. You can search for organizations to receive the funds. The Humane Society of Charlotte is on the list! You can also encourage your friends and family on Instagram using the “Donation” sticker that works the same way in Stories. Follow us @humanecharlotte on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok.

Happy DOGust and thank you for all you do to help the Humane Society of Charlotte!