Access to Affordable Veterinary Care: A More Critical Issue Than Ever

A fundamental belief that guides the Humane Society of Charlotte is the importance of the human/animal bond. This relationship, indescribable by words, is the connection that ties us to our pets and our pets to us. These relationships often last the entirety of lifetimes, beyond that of the actual pet, and can draw intense emotions decades after a beloved pet has passed away. Pets are part of our family.

What happens if this family bond is threatened?

Throughout our lives, we face hardships of poverty, job loss, homelessness, food insecurity, serious illness and injury, loss of loved ones, and now, the threat of widespread viral infection due to COVID-19. As we face these adversities, pets endlessly provide comfort, love, and reassurance. Our furry family members offer support to people of all ages, genders, and socio-economic statuses. Through the years, the Humane Society of Charlotte has observed our citizens at all economic levels strive to provide the best care possible for their pets.

“Since the pandemic hit, our Outreach team has seen a significant increase in requests for veterinary assistance ranging from basic vaccinations to emergency surgeries” – K.C. Thompson, Community Outreach Coordinator, Humane Society of Charlotte

HSC was founded with the vision of providing affordable, accessible veterinary services to Charlotte community pets. We have found that when resources and support are readily available, pet parents will use these services and do not want to relinquish their pets to the shelter. HSC believes that no pet owner should be put in the position of giving up a loved family member due to a lack of financial resources.

How does HSC help?

HSC Community Outreach provides assistance to families and pets in need. We offer free food and supplies, Essential Care pet wellness services, and help with emergency veterinary medical care and behavior/training resources. We recognize that access to affordable veterinary care for all pet owners is crucial to sustaining and supporting the human/animal bond.

On Saturday, April 17, the Humane Society of Charlotte will offer Free Pet Vaccinations made possible by the generous support of the JDP Charitable Fund and hosted by Lenny Boy Brewery. The clinic is appointment-based and drive-thru allowing for the safety of all pet owners. Masks are required. During the clinic, microchipping will be offered and free flea/tick preventative will be available while supplies last.

How can I get involved in HSC Community Outreach?

Consider visiting to make a donation. Volunteer for an Outreach program initiative such as the Pet Food Pantry, Pet Crisis Support Hot-line, Pet supply deliveries, or vaccination clinic.

What if my family needs help? Please contact the HSC Community Outreach Team, 704.494.7718,