ASPCA Awards HSC $10k grant for Animal Relocation


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) generously awarded the Humane Society of Charlotte (HSC) a $10,000 grant on February 13, 2020. HSC will use these gifted funds for our animal transport program.

HSC partners with municipal shelters in the region, some as far as 100+ miles away, to create positive outcomes for as many animals as possible. These municipal partners relocate their animals to the Humane Society of Charlotte, where they can receive needed medical attention, time in foster care, behavior modification, and more.

The ASPCA Animal Relocation grant will create positive outcomes for up to 1,000 dogs and cats. HSC will use the grant funds to pay fees, offset transportation costs and training time, provide make-ready services for adoptable animals, and provide needed supplies for foster volunteers to care for relocated animals that are not yet ready for adoption.

HSC also plans to use grant funding to support our partner shelters by providing them with vaccinations, supplies and training opportunities for their staff. Thank you to our friends at the ASPCA!