How Kids & Teens can Get Involved with the Humane Society of Charlotte

Most people discover their true passions at a young age. For many, life is never the same after their first pet. This experience sparks a lifelong love of animals that begins on that very first day.

Did you realize that helping animals was a calling at a young age?

Do you want to do something to make a difference in the lives of animals in need, but think you are too young?

Guess what? You are never too young to help those in need, including the animals of Charlotte.

The Humane Society of Charlotte (HSC) has been helping homeless animals and providing resources to pet owners in the community since 1978. All of their work is made possible by our selfless volunteers of all ages. We encourage kids and teens to get involved and help us save lives. And here is how.

Become a Humane Society of Charlotte Volunteer

Currently, individuals must be at least 16-years-old to volunteer with the Humane Society of Charlotte. After completing a Volunteer Orientation, participants can choose from a variety of areas to work in and the benefits of volunteer service are countless.

Not only will participants be helping the animals at HSC, but they will be gaining valuable experience essential to college and job applications.  Valuable skills learned from volunteering prove a committed work -ethic and a strong sense of responsibility. These skills include working with a team, following instructions from a supervisor, assisting customers, and answering phones. Volunteers can also earn school service hours at the Humane Society of Charlotte.

If you are not 16 years old yet, don’t worry!  There are still plenty of ways that you can get involved. 

Here are some ideas to get started.

Hold a Fundraiser

Put young entrepreneurial skills to the test and come up with an idea to raise money that can be donated to the Humane Society of Charlotte.  Get creative, have fun, and encourage friends to help.

There are endless ways to raise money, but here are a few ideas:

  • Bake sale
  • Car wash
  • Lemonade stand
  • Yard sale
  • Grass cutting/yard work services
  • House cleaning services
  • Dog walking services

Holding a fundraiser is one of the ways that teens under 16 can earn school service hours.  The other way is by doing a Wish List Scavenger Hunt.

Complete a Wish List Scavenger Hunt

Strap on that Indiana Jones hat and hunt down the highly coveted wish-list items.  The point of this game is not to buy items, but to get people to donate them. Ask for donations from local neighborhoods, churches, schools, offices, and social media for the Wish List Scavenger Hunt.  This is a great way to spread the word about the Humane Society of Charlotte.

Learn more about the Wish List Scavenger Hunt.

Utilize Birthday and Christmas Celebrations

Spread the joy of a birthday celebration or holiday season to shelter pets. When birthdays or holidays roll around, ask for a few items from the HSC Wish List.

Ask friends and family to make donations in your name.

Encourage Your Family to Foster a Pet

Fostering a pet is a very big commitment, but also a very important one.  When fostering a pet, not only is a life saved, but also the life of the pet that takes its place in the Humane Society of Charlotte’s shelter.

If your family is willing to take in a foster pet, then show extra responsibility and help take care of the dog or cat. Take the animal on daily walks, play games with him/her, feed, clean up after the animal and change the litter box.  Fostering is hard work, but you will be making a huge difference in the life of a homeless pet.

Visit our website to learn more about fostering a pet.

Engage with the Humane Society of Charlotte on Social Media

Spend time on social media and help the Humane Society of Charlotte at the same time!  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the handle @humanecharlotte.

Like, comment, and share HSC's posts.  This helps HSC's and makes posts visible to more people, resulting in increased adoptions, donations, and involvement.

Share volunteering experiences with HSC on personal social media pages.  These acts of kindness could inspire other people to do the same.

Make Homemade Items for Shelter Pets

Are you the creative type? Do you like making things with your hands?  A DIY project is a perfect way to help the shelter.  There are several items that our animals need that can be made from scratch.

Projects like:

  • Dog and cat toys: You can make these from ropes, socks, t-shirts, towels, etc.
  • Cat scratcher: These are easy to make out of cardboard. Check out this tutorial.
  • Dog houses for our iBuild fence projects
  • Blankets: you can knit a blanket or make an easy fleece blanket.

Remember to always get an adult to help you with DIY projects.

Participate in Humane Society of Charlotte Events

Throughout the year, the Humane Society of Charlotte host events to raise money and awareness.  By participating in these events, you help HSC accomplish its fundraising goals and direct attention towards the needs of homeless pets in the community.

Participating in an HSC event is a great way to help the organization.

Every spring, HSC hosts Pet Palooza Walk for the Animals.  This special event includes a 2K walk, vendors, food and beer trucks, bands, and other fun activities.  Walkers of all ages can sign up and participate. To make it more fun, you can form a walking team and raise money as a group.

In an effort to help homeless animals and provide resources to pet owners, HSC wants to encourage the entire community to get involved.  This includes kids and teens.  HSC sees it as a way of investing in the future of Charlotte.  Our volunteers play an integral part in helping HSC achieve its goals.

Interested in volunteering with the Humane Society of Charlotte? Contact us today to find out more or visit our website to learn about our volunteer program!


Written by: Karee Smith, HSC Volunteer